What is School Readiness?

School Readiness is a program for families with young children based at the Orange County Prevention Center. The Prevention Center works with families helping to support them in fostering a safe and nurturing home environment for children. The School Readiness program assists families with children ages 0-8 in reducing barriers to medical care and early childhood mental health services in order to provide them with the healthiest start in life.

The School Readiness team is comprised of:

  • A Program Director
  • Seven Mental Health Workers (Baccalaureate level training)
  • A Community Education Specialist

team 2017


Family Testimonials

  • Family Testimonial #2

    SO MUCH.

    “I give thanks to School Readiness for helping me so much with my son. He was very rebellious and he has progressed so much in the days we have had the classes. It helped me with my son and also with my daughter. They have changed so much in their behavior, their speech, and all they need for school. My son has changed so much. He has learned how to respect me and I have learned to respect him.”
  • Family Testimonial #3


    “I am less frustrated with my daughter. I have a better way of communicating with her.”
  • Family Testimonial #4


    "My daughter has improved a lot in the way she expresses herself. The program has helped show me ways to handle her well and talk to her properly. The program has helped me in the areas of discipline and helping understand my child better. I am so grateful."

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